Resumes By Juanita

Terms and Conditions

The Purpose of this Project Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which ‘Resumes by Juanita’ and Client will agree.
Whereas, Client hereby hires the service of ‘Resumes by Juanita’ to provide a custom-made resume and other related services included in the purchased package.
This Agreement shall be effective on the date the Client signifies conformity.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties agree as follows:

Client shall pay in full price of the package predetermined with ‘Resumes by Juanita’, upon signup and within the required process.
Accepted payments are through PayPal and Sezzle.
Receipt on all payments made shall be sent to Client via email and ‘Resumes by Juanita’ shall be reflected as the payment processor. Whereas, prices are all presented in US dollars. Client, therefore, shall pay in US dollars, regardless of location. Client understands that no portion of the payment made is refundable.
Federal Resumes (to include bundle packages) – Client agrees to pay $700.00 upfront for 3 pages. If additional pages are needed, Client will be invoiced $200/per additional page, after the 3rd. Invoice will be sent and paid prior to client receiving resume copies.

Unless rush services are purchased and accepted, the turnaround time for the initial resume draft of each
package shall be as follows:
Private Sector – Ten to Twelve (10-12) Business Days (Entry, Mid-Career, Senior Professionals)
Federal Resume – Ten to Twelve (10-14) Business Days
Bundle Resume Packages – Ten to Fourteen (10-14) Business Days
Cover Letter – Ten-Twelve (10-12) Business Days
LinkedIn Optimization – Ten-Twelve (10-12) Business Days
Resume Review – Five-Ten (5-10) Business Days
The turnaround time shall start upon receipt of requested documents and submitted payment. If questionnaire is not completed in its entirety before submitting, turn-around times can be delayed if the writer has to return document to be completed.
All questionnaires MUST be completed within 72 hours of receipt. If not completed in this time frame, there may be an extended wait time up to 2 weeks.
Holidays & Life Emergencies – Turn-around times may be extended during holiday season and/or in the event of a life emergency.

‘Resumes by Juanita’ offers a total of 2 revisions to unfinished projects within the prescribed period for the particular package ordered until Client fully approves the resume copy. The prescribed period is within TWO (2) weeks from the date of submitted payment.

Revision refers to modification of resume content targeted to the objective mentioned by the Client during the consultation. Changing the objective during the revision process is not allowed; hence, the Client needs to purchase additional resume for new target job.

‘Resumes by Juanita’ offers resume updates to previous clients. Resume update refers to minor change, addition, or removal of resume content, such as contact information, address, and latest job position and responsibilities, among others.

There is a $200 fee for the Private Sector resume update and a $300 fee for a Federal Resume updates.
Update is valid within six (6) months after payment of initial service.

If the project has already expired,the Client should purchase a new package because the content and format of the previous resume may be obsolete as of now.

‘Resumes by Juanita’ will conduct interview coaching sessions via Zoom/Skype. Coaching sessions may be delivered in partnership with a 3rd party vendor. All payments for Interview Mastery Package will be processed through ‘Resumes by Juanita’, but may be delivered by a 3rd party.
Once you have purchased your package, you’ll be contacted directly to schedule your Interview Coaching Sessions over a 3 week time span.

All sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

Life Emergencies – If ‘Resumes by Juanita’ is unable to meet turn-around time due to life emergency, client may receive a partial refund. This will be determined on a case by case basis and will be left to the discretion of owner depending on how much of the project has been completed. Processing fees are not included in refund amount.

‘Resumes by Juanita’ is committed to protecting the privacy of all its clients. All information received from or provided by the clients is strictly for the use of ‘Resumes by Juanita’ and associates. ‘Resumes by Juanita’ may post reviews on social media platforms. If reviews are posted on public sites such as LinkedIn, names and photos may not be blocked out. Additionally ‘Resumes by Juanita’ may occasionally
share examples of resume transformations on social media platforms. Personal information such as your name, contact, phone number will be blocked out


Entry Level Professional
A entry level professional is someone who is just joining the workforce after school or someone who is building a career in a new industry. Professionals who are transitioning into a new industry, but still have a decent amount of transferrable skills are considered Intermediate or Mid-Career.

Mid-Career Professional

A mid-career professional is someone who has moved past entry-level but isn’t nearing the end of his/her career.A mid-career professional can have 7-10 years of direct/related experience in a particular industry or role. Some competencies of a mid-career professional can include: program development, management, supervisory, assessment/evaluation, event planning, and financial management.

Senior-Executive/C-Suite Professional
A senior-executive professional is generally an individual at the highest level of management of an organization who have the day-to-day tasks of managing that organization—sometimes a company or a corporation.